Mormonism - What You Need to Know.

Founded in 1830, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to experience phenomenal growth. Mormon missionaries on every continent now patrol many a street, gaining over 350,000 converts every year. It seems as though the Mormon Church is unstoppable, and yet many questions about this 'Islam of the West' still linger... Mormonism - What You Need to Know takes you on a journey of discovery and plumbs the depths of the Mormon faith. The thoroughly documented facts presented in this publication may surprise you, but it is a fascinating story that needs to be told. From baptism for the dead to temple marriage, from polygamy to blood atonement its all here, the question is - do you have the courage to search out the facts?

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Overview - a generalised summary of the Utah based Mormon Church

Facts - based on the main branch of the Mormon Church called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


1. The Prophet
2. Spirits and Revelation
3. Visions
4. 'Holy' Books
5. Solid Evidence
6. Witnesses
7. Evolution and Cover-ups
8. Burning in the Bosom
9. The Mormon Heavenly Father
10. The Mormon Jesus
11. The Mormon Holy Ghost
12. Restoration
13. Priesthood
14. Polygamy
15. Blood Atonement
16. Virgin Birth
17. Adam-God Doctrine
18. The Masonic Connection
19. The Congregation of the Dead
20. Worthiness and Eternal Progression
21. Praying About the Book of Mormon
22. Mormon Missionaries

The Gospel Truth

Definition of Terms

Further Research and Study

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