British Church Newspaper Review of
'Mormonism - What You Need to Know'

    "This is an account of the Mormons, their history, doctrines, writings, techniques and much else. At the same time the author reminds the reader of the relevant Biblical statements and ends with clear Gospel message.
    Mormonism starts with a helpful definition of terms so that we know from the outset what their teaching is on such things as God, man, sin, hell, heaven, salvation and atonement. It then takes up these matters in detail, expanding on the Mormon beliefs and history. Particularly interesting are the historical blunders and inconsistencies in their writings and statements.
    The life and death of Joseph Smith alone would seem to make this religion a non-starter. The section on the Mormon teaching about polygamy, with its blatant contradictions, is particularly instructive. Mormon doctrines are such a tangle of weird ideas that it is difficult to get a coherent overall picture of them, especially as they have changed down the years. Indeed one doubts whether there could be one.
    It is also hard to believe that the polite, educated, well dressed Mormon missionaries who come to the door hold the bizarre cluster of beliefs described in some detail in this booklet. The sect apparently numbers some 13 million members and is enormously wealthy. It is believed to raise some 15million daily from compulsory tithing.
    What is the great attraction of Mormonism? It seems to combine the togetherness of Freemasonry with the fascination of the occult. Indeed we meet the occult at every turn in this book, which goes a long way to explain Mormonism's grip on its members and their willingness to live with what are to all appearances foolish dogmas. It is a heathen religion not a Christian aberration, though the majority of its members are said to come from a Christian background.
    Mormonism is beautifully produced, lavishly illustrated in colour and reasonably priced. The print is a little on the small size but quite large enough for the majority of readers. This is a minor consideration in what is a most attractive and helpful publication which we heartily recommend."

(The British Church Newspaper, 26th September 2008)

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