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Books / Booklets:
Help new converts grow spiritually When you received the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal Savour, you made the most important decision of your life. To help you be more effective in your Christian walk, The Next Step will be most helpful. Though it is not meant to take the place of your Bible, it will teach you the basic steps to a strong and healthy Christian life.

An excellent discipleship tool to give to those you lead to the Lord.

Each chapter introduces a different aspect to growth which Christians need to understand:

The Next Step

£3.00 each

Author: Jack T. Chick
Pages: 64 - Paperback

This presentation examines what the Bible teaches about ecclesiastical separation and reviews the dangerous and growing neglect of this practice among independent Baptist churches. It covers the foundation of separation, which is a strong knowledge of the Scriptures; the method of separation, which is avoiding those who error in their teaching; the reason for separation, which is spiritual protection; the basis of separation, which is anything clearly taught in Scripture; the initiative of separation, which deals with the importance of taking the initiative and departing from things that are false; and the attitude of separation, which is Christian charity. Under the section on the neglect of separation among fundamental Baptists, we look at what is happening in bookstores, radio stations, missionary organizations, the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, Joyful Woman magazine, Southwide Baptist Fellowship, the GARBC, and associations with the Southern Baptist Convention. Although aimed at American Independent Baptists, this presentation teaches principles that every Bible believing Christian needs to understand and practice. A much needed teaching in a day of great apostasy! Biblical Separation and its Neglect Among Fundamental Baptists

£11.50 each
Any two in deal for £22
Any three for £30

Approx 1hr 30mins

David Cloud, Way of Life Ministries.

A masterpiece on the spiritual battle we are in today and how to combat our spiritual enemy. The Bible tells us to put these spirits to the test to see if they are of God. We believe that we are in the last days before the Lord comes back. The Bible clearly shows us that angelic activities will increase in the last days. These videos will help you to know how to look for Satan's subtle attacks on our lives and in our families.

Running times of messages:

Session I: Spiritual Warfare in the Home (43mins)

Session II: Nine Forbidden Practices 1 (39mins)

Session III: Nine Forbidden Practices 2 (45mins)

Session IV: Nine Forbidden Practices 3 (46mins)

Session V: The Making of Village Children (46mins)

Entertaining Spirits Unawares
(2 DVD set)

£12.95 each
Any Two (David Benoit): £24

A David Benoit Film Production.

Who was the first devil worshipper?
Can a Christian be a witch?
Is reincarnation taught in the Bible?
Can people talk to the dead?
If God is so great, why doesn't He just kill the devil?
Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
Can a person sell their soul to the devil?

David Benoit has packed this video seminar with information vital to every believer:
Eight reasons why God tolerates the devil
Seven reasons people get into the occult
Five ways Satan can use fantasy
Four reasons why a person cannot be a Christian witch

Running Time Approx 2 hours 40 minutes.
Disarming the Powers of Darkness

£12.95 each
Any Two (David Benoit): £24

A David Benoit Film Production.

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