COVID-19 In Light Of The Bible

The subject of COVID-19 needs no introduction. Terms such as ‘Pandemic’, ‘Social Distancing’, ‘R-number’, ‘Epidemiology’, ‘Shielding’, ‘Lockdown’ and so on, have all become part of our common vocabulary. Many aspects of our way of life have been altered and restricted, and we have been encouraged to embrace the so called ‘New Normal’. We have been consistently bombarded with what a godless and fear stricken world has to say about this apparent global health emergency. However, despite the hysteria and panic, Christians who find themselves caught up in this world event would be wise to ask: Does the Bible have anything to say on the subject of COVID-19? This booklet has been written from a Christian perspective, and is designed to give you a broad range of answers in relation to a whole spectrum of issues related to the Coronavirus outbreak of 2019.

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