COVID-19, Christian Compromise, and the Capitulation of the Professing Church

The so-called COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ of 2019 struck the professing Christian church like a bolt from the blue.  Professing Christians, ministers, and entire denominations were caught off guard and, in the mass hysteria and panic that was to mark 2019 and beyond, churches across the globe closed their doors on their people, either by Government edict, or by their own accord. Many bought into the media narrative and alarming medical models warning that millions would die. In response, church buildings were closed, meetings were moved ‘online’, congregational singing was halted, as well as baptisms, the Lord’s table, and the Great Commission. On an individual level, Christians donned face masks, self-isolated, and many have now heralded the arrival of the ‘liquid saviours’ – the COVID-19 experimental vaccines. In the light of such momentous events in modern church history, we would be wise to ask, were these actions taken by the majority of churches and Christian denominations right or wrong? This booklet attempts to answer this most important question.