COVID-19 A Mountain Made Out of a Molehill #3

We live in strange times. The momentous events surrounding the COVID-19 ‘Pandemic’ have impacted all of our lives. We are daily bombarded with facts, figures, statistics, medical models, COVID measures, restrictions, and promises of a conditional ‘return to normal’. We are warned of ‘Fake News’, ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, and Anti-Vaxxers who spread their malicious ‘disinformation’, and we are encouraged to trust the powers that be, mainstream media, and corporate empires that have, so we are told, only our best interests at heart. Whom to trust has never been such an important issue.

Amidst this ‘Information War’, establishing truth regarding COVID-19 appears an increasingly difficult task. However, discovering what really is true is possible if you are willing to look deep enough. This booklet attempts to give you, the reader, the facts and information that will help put all the pieces of the puzzle together. This, in combination with your own common sense, personal experiences, logic and reason will help you gain a fuller understanding of what really is going on.

The COVID-19 ‘Pandemic’ is the event of our lifetime, and we wonder, are we being told the whole truth? We would be wise to push aside any preconceived ideas and let the facts speak for themselves. Truth never fears examination.