Life & Beauty – The Miracle of Human Life

Have you ever wondered how human life develops in the mother’s womb? This publication (suitable for all ages) takes you on an incredible illustrated journey through the fascinating stages of a child’s miraculous growth in the womb. Did you know that at seven and a half weeks the baby can bring their hands together and touch its fingers as well as hiccup? And did you know that at twenty seven weeks the baby can recognise different voices from outside the womb as well as songs and stories? Discover all of this and more as we consider the hidden beauty and wonder of human life. 

How each of us began is truly amazing. 

NOTE: This publication is suitable for all age groups. This booklet will detail the growth of the child in the womb from the first cell through to full development at nine months. In regards to the subjects of conception and birth, we leave these aspects to the discretion of parents. Towards the end of this publication you will also find what the Bible has to say on the issue of life in the womb.