About Us

Who are The Lord’s Work Trust? 

The Lord’s Work Trust was founded in 1986 by Clifford and Julie Barker, primarily as a non-denominational charitable organisation to be used for the distribution of Bibles to those in need of them (see the website for our statement of faith). Then in 2005 The Lord’s Work Trust saw a tremendous need in the UK for sound, biblical Gospel tracts and booklets for use in evangelism. Since then we have endeavoured to meet this need by the grace of Almighty God. 

Today the aims of the Trust are: 

1. To reach the lost with the Gospel.
To fulfil this aim our website offers free Bibles, booklets, DVDs, mp3s and CDs to anyone in the UK and South of Ireland free of charge via our ‘free request’ option available on the front page of our website. We also run free Bible and literature tables in various towns and cities in the UK. Our website also has a ‘Find a Church’ section where seekers can find a faithful Bible believing church in their area (see our website for more details, and apply with your church details if it meets the criteria). The great advantage of this being that our tracts can be handed out anywhere in the country (as well as overseas) and we can help direct a seeker to a good Bible believing church wherever they are. 

2. To help equip and train Christians in the work of evangelism and other areas of vital importance.
The Trust offers free presentations on various subjects such as the cults, evangelism, and other topics, that are available to churches, schools, colleges, universities, and prisons. (See our website under the ‘Book a Speaker’ section). We also stock a broad selection of DVDs as well as other materials on our online store, to help train, equip, and educate believers in the Lord’s work and the Christian faith in general. We try to only stock materials from other organisations that we deem to be excellent in content and use only the Authorized Version of the Bible. You will be surprised at how many powerful Christian ministries there are out there whose materials will be a tremendous blessing to you. 

3. To produce high quality, sound, Gospel tracts and literature to reach this generation with the Gospel.
The Trust has seen a great need for Gospel literature that preaches the whole council of God, uses the Divine Law (or The Ten Commandments) to bring the knowledge of sin, and does not leave out certain ‘uncomfortable’ and often neglected doctrines (such as Hell, Judgment Day, the Deity of Christ, etc) as is often the case with many modern Gospel tracts. The Trust uses only the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible in all of its literature as we believe that it is the most accurate version of the Bible available in the English language. (See our website for full details of all of our materials). 

We sincerely hope we can be a help and blessing to you as we labour together in the Gospel. We labour not in vain in the Lord’s Work! Thank you again for your interest, 


Luke Barker (The Lord’s Work Trust) 

“It is true that [many] are praying for world-wide revival. But it would be more timely, and more scriptural, for prayer to be made to the Lord of the harvest, that He would raise up and thrust forth labourers who would fearlessly and faithfully preach those truths which are calculated to bring about a revival.” (A. W. Pink)