The Kingdom of Heaven

The Mystery Of The Kingdom To many the Kingdom of Heaven is a mystery. Brave knights in shining armour have fought and died for what they thought it was, common peasants and pilgrims have journeyed thousands of miles in search for it, and Popes and kings have fought for it amidst the great pageantry and… More The Kingdom of Heaven

Angels & Demons

There is an unseen world. A world which you cannot see with your natural eyes. Here a war rages between the forces of good and evil – and believe it or not, mankind is caught in the middle. This leaflet is not about some fictitious novel, nor some make-believe Hollywood film, but rather the truth… More Angels & Demons

Broken Britain

Signs of the times Alcohol: 1 in 4 UK adults is drinking hazardously – 38% of men, and 15% of women. (Source: Heavy drinking is blamed for up to 33,000 deaths a year in the UK (Source: BBC News). 25% of 11-15 year old boys regularly drink alcohol. Beer, lager and cider were the most… More Broken Britain